5 Steps To Flawless

Beauty begins with self acceptance, so look in your mirror with a clean face and say hello. Observe your skin, your eyes, check for any discoloration and take note. This is the face you have to work with. learn the best way to enhance it. Many women don’t know how to properly apply make up in general, let alone a smokey eye or something fancy. So we should all definitely start with the basics. A natural make up is the most flattering and beneficial technique to learn, but to some, the most difficult to tackle. The “no make up” make up look is the look where you’ve got make up on, but it’s not over powering and not easy for others to notice. Therefore placement, blending, and proper coloring is key when mastering this look. Once you have this look down, pulling yourself together will be a breeze. This look will also set the stage for you to add more to your canvas as your skill level increases. You can always choose to stay natural, but experimenting with a night time look is always a fun start.